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Harry Kelly


I am Harry Kelly, an artist who is passionate in exploring new and exciting forms of creative expression that transcends genres. As a musician and all-around performer, I am always working on the next big thing. I aim to inspire others and influence the world in positive way through my art.

I have a vast catalogue of original music that spans many genres including Alternative, Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance.


Below is an excerpt from an article written about my debut project "Shark Eyes"  released in 2022.


"Though contrasting in some ways, each song complements each other through Harry’s clever lyricism and tight production which are both constant throughout the album...The album features an alluring blend of genres and soundscapes such as the funky, warm guitar tones and hip-hop vocals on the song “Don’t Change” featuring GavinDaVinci, the fluidic breakbeats reminiscent of the drum and bass genre on “Down”, and the nostalgia-invoking folk track “Knocknarea Hills”. - Tomas Halligan, Limerick Leader



Some artistic projects I have created or been involved in recently.

Limerick Leader Article.png

Here is an article written about my performance in the Record Room Limerick following the release of my debut project Shark Eyes.

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